In MCCW, the Cloaker's primary role is to use its cloak to sneakily and swiftly take out enemies, then retreat

Primary Weapon Cloak
Secondary Weapon Wooden Swrod
Other Items None

and repeat somewhere else. Or get into hard to reach places to kill a opponent.

Beginning Tools[edit | edit source]

The Cloaker, like most classes, starts only with a regular Iron Pickaxe. Players who aren't a Peasant will be best off running straight to the mines to mine some gold, as this is the fastest way for them to earn money for their team. Cloakers also begin with Enchanted Leather Armor Speed I and Jump Boost IV.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Cloakers gain their cloaking ability from the Mage Tower

When the Mage Tower has finished building, the Cloaker recieves the Thorns I enchantment on their armour as well as a Cloak.

The Cloak is an item exclusive to MCCW which, before it's upgraded, allows the user to go invisible for 10 seconds. The un-upgraded Cloak takes 25 seconds to cooldown before being able to be used again.

Cloakers also recieve a wooden sword that can not be upgraded once the Lumber Mill has been built.

The cloaker class

Cloak Upgrades:

Upgrade 1 ($1350) - 35 seconds cooldown time, 15 seconds invisibility time. 

Upgrade 2 ($1600) - 45 seconds cooldown time, 25 seconds invisibility time.

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