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Minecraft Colony Wars (MCCW) is a revolutionary Mini-Game, founded by Pivotcrafter. Teams battle it out to the end by mining and cutting trees for Gold to help build grand hermitages where you can equip magical weapons to help you win the game!

The Beginning of the Game and Preparing for Battle![edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, you will begin at your town hall. You will automatically be

                                        assigned one of the 11 classes and your own team once the game begins. If you are a donator you will get the ability to choose any of the classes and teams available.

Once the game begins you start at the Town Hall. You will spawn with a Iron Pick and a book explaining all the different classes and buildings. From here you can do two things: you can start to go to the trees to gain gold, or you can go to the local mine and mine gold.

Trees are recommended for Peasant first as you get an axe so to enable maximum efficiency within the team the Peasant should cut the trees due to gold being a limited resource. If you go for trees first and you're not a Peasant, you are putting yourself and your team at a great disadvantage, as like in normal Minecraft wood takes longer to break with a pick than gold does with a pick. Meaning to gain maximum efficiency, you should head straight to the mine to collect enough gold at least to enable your team to buy a Greenhouse Building, which in turn enables you to buy an axe, giving you almost the same advantage as the Peasant. 

If you are any class other than Peasant, rushing to the mine is your best option.

Classes[edit | edit source]

A compilation of all the Classes can be found here.

Maps[edit | edit source]

A compilation of all the MCCW Maps can be found here.

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