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Minecraft Zombie Escape (MCZE) is a gamemode made by Notrodash which had much excitement for but was abandoned for sometime. Panda made the original MCZE website and Declan (CommunityMC) was the client.This Mini-Game was a Counter Strike Zombie Escape Mod. On recent news, MCZE was released (October 20, 2013) and brought back into MCZE making it the most recent gamemode in Multicube. MCZE provides much excitement and fun for every player.

How To Play[edit | edit source]

All Players would start out in one area and must get to the Nuke-Room before all the zombies infect them. Once 45 seconds pass, one of the survivors will turn into a zombie and  from there they can attack the other survivors. Along the way survivors must wait at certain blockades for multiple seconds before able to enter. This giving the zombie an advantage to get to them quicker. Once survivors manage to open the Nuke-Room they will have 15 seconds to get to the safe area before the Nuke explodes causing all survivors not in the boundary becoming zombies and losing.

Reason for being abandoned.[edit | edit source]

People that played this gamemode found it very fun and exciting. But due to not the right advertisment was declined in excitment more and more. Some players considered it to be the same thing over and over and soon left the community. With Multicube being added they thought MCZE was not needed to be a gamemode apart of multicube. To this day multiple players want this gamemode to be brought back and no news has ever been told.

As of 31/8/13, PxlPanda commented on the MCZE thread. This may be a sign, or just him playing with the community.

On 29/8/13, MCZE Twitter posted "Hmmmm. Will the zombies ever come back?"

On 19/10/13, MCZE Twitter posted "Get ready. The zombies are coming!"

Resurrection of MCZE[edit | edit source]

On October 20th Multicube ran a a test server of MCZE that was allowed for the public. In this the two maps "Western Escape" and "Helms Deep" were introduced. There were and are still bugs and glitches that are needed to be fixed. It will soon be apart of the main Multicube Server.

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