Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello, this is an article wrote to let you all know which Mods are safe to use on MultiCube, and those that are not.

But before you just come bounding onto our servers with your swanky new Mod, please make sure that:

- The Mod does not give client-based advantages that others or Vanilla does not have. This means movement improvements as well as visual and fighting advantages.

- If the Mod enhances your gameplay in such way that violates that above sentence then DO NOT USE IT. Or you will have to face being banned, and no-one wants that, right?

- You must keep upto date with this page to stay informed and prevent yourself from collecting a possible ban.

- If you are unsure whether you think your Mod will be accepted, please create a post on the Forums detailing     what this said Mod contains and if possible a link to the Download and Source page. You should then wait a few     days  for the community and Moderators to decide whether they believe this Mod is appropriate, and then it will     be added to this list on here. So like was mentioned above, keep this page in your bookmarks.

  Thank you for your consideration.

Allowed Mods:[edit | edit source]

These Mods currently are allowed on our Servers, however keep checking back as we are not responsible for changes that may potentially negatively affect you.

- OptiFine

- Rei's MiniMap [Rei's ONLY]

- Show Durability

- AntiSteve

- Sounds Mod

- Too Many Items

Denied Mods:[edit | edit source]

These Mod's are banned. Users caught with them will be severely punished.

- Better-Sprint Mod 

- Damage Indicators

- Smart Moving Mod

- Auto Switcher Mod

- ZAN's Minimap 

- Any Mod's which allow for hacking / Hacked Clients (Nodus)

- Auto-Join Mod

- Any Mods which tweak how the inventory works.

- NameTag enchancing Mods

- Any Mods that give a player an advantage (ex. Faster Running, Aimbot, Automatic Clicking)

Again like I said above, check back frequently or you will be only to blame if you suffer the potential consequences for not keeping upto date.

On behalf of the Server, thank you for considering these rules before you play.

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