Survival Games is a gamemode that is based on the Hunger Games trilogy. The game is made up of 24 players who fight to the death for victory! The aim of the game is for your district to defeat all of the other tributes in the arena. There are 12 districts in total each with different passive abilities, everyone has a partner if there is an even number of people in the game. You can select your partner if you are friends with them or if you are Pro+ then you can select anyone! Before the game starts players have the ability to pick their district partner and one the 11 classes. 4 of the classes are available for non donors but for some classes you need to be a pro member which you can do by donating. Each of the classes like the districts give your character a certain attribute. 


Funniest Loot Ever! - Minecraft Survival Games (Multicube.Net)

The above video shows Syndicate playing survival games with CommunityMC

How you win is by running around the map and finding chests. The chests have tools that will help you survive, such as weapons and food. When everyone spawns in you will be facing the corucopia which is an area in the center where a lot of chests are located. Backpacks are also dropped around the edges of the cornucopia (4 in total) and in the backpacks there are several items inside. But you can only pick up one backpack at a time.

You are not able to craft things in this game type with blocks like your own crafting table, and you are unable to destroy blocks. That is why the crafting tables littering the map are so important. With them you are able to craft weapons with ores and objects that you may find in chests. Most maps feature a crafting table at the cornucopia.

Finally when there are only 4 people left there is a 30 second count down after which everyone is teleported to the cornucopia for the final face off. There is a ten second count down and then battle commences. The last 4 tributes are forced to fight to the death in the small showdown. Only 1 (2 if in the same district) can be crowned victors.

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