Syndicate Games (SG) is a 1v1 Survival Games that is a part of MultiCube. This gamemode was inspired by SynHD (known formally as TheSyndicateProject or Tom Syndicate/Cassell). He loved the idea of 1v1 battles between his fans/friends. He made a couple videos showing off what he wanted this gamemode to be like.

Objective: 2 Players will spawn in different areas on a map and have to collect items from chests to battle each other out to victory.

Find the Maps Here!

Find the Items and Strategies Here!

Syndicate Cup[edit | edit source]

Syndicate Cup is a Seasonal or Monthly tournament which includes a big group of people to play against each other. For every round there is a best out of 3 game. If you lose a round than you're out of the tournament. The September Syndicate Games, started September 1st, it was hosted by BritishGaming94, LightRod and Strykrr. There may be more Syndicate cups in the future.

Winners will receive:

First Place: 3 months of Pro or Pro+ Donor

Second Place: 2 months of Pro Donor

Thrid Place: 1 month of Pro Donor

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