The Maps[edit | edit source]

Syndicate Games maps are contributed by various build teams, including Hyperion, Mithrintia, and Team Wildfire, as well as various community members who built maps for SyndicateGames.

Floating Islands[edit | edit source]

In ages gone by, the air nomads of the east forged great citadels in the sky. Since the extinction of this great and powerful race, all but few of their the mighty constructions have fallen from the sky and noone dared travel there, until now.  

 Built by Hyperion

Desert Town [edit | edit source]

An arid town, abandoned long ago and left to slowly fall into ruin. Any unfortunate soul to find themselves stuck there is surely lost. The only hope of escape is to beat your opponent into submission. 

Built by Hyperion

Overgrown[edit | edit source]

After being exposed to chemical weapons during WW3, this lonely warehouse has become host to many thriving species, and in recent times is more well know for the savagery which takes place within. 

Built by Mithrintia

Death Island [edit | edit source]

A baron wasteland, you must be quick to reach them. Should you fail, there will be no hope for you as trying to avoid your enemy on a map such as this is impossible. With deadly lava pool and fierce fires littering the arena, only one will survive. 

Built by Mithrintia

Winter[edit | edit source]

In a frozen tundra, widespread with vast trees and ice throughout, you survival is based on your quickness and ease to find tools that will aid your survival.  Only if you do this can you desolate your enemy.

Built by Hyperion

Circus[edit | edit source]

Deep in the mountains, lies a circus. Once a busy and bustling place, full of people and activity.  Now all that remains are a few animals.. and the remnants of a once happy place.  An eerie silence has befallen the area.  But the silence won't endure, as two opponents are squaring off, in this abandoned vicinity.

Built by Team Wildfire

Cavern[edit | edit source]

Deep in the ground lies and ancient cavern, full of mysteries and darkness, that aid your battle.  Manuevering through these tight spaces and caves will lead you to victory against your enemy.

Built by draook & disfunction925

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