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What is MultiCube?

MultiCube is a combination of many unique Minecraft Mini-Games, all in one, easy to access server!

Minecraft Colony Wars is a revolutionary Mini-Game where teams battle it out to the end. Mine for Gold and build grand hermitages where you can equip magical weapons to help you win.

Multicube consists of other mini-games such as Snow Spleef, Gun Spleef, Super Jump (Parkour), Minecraft Zombie Escape, and Syndicate Games. All these gamemodes give unique ways to have fun and enjoy the server.

NOTICE: Due to community unrest, a list of allowed mods and banned mods can be found here:

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What is Minecraft Colony Wars?

Minecraft Colony Wars (MCCW) is a gamemode originally founded by Pivotcrafter and coded by Notrodash. Colony Wars is a PvP game where there are 4 teams who buy weapons and armor to battle at each other. Only 1 Team stands.

What is Snow Spleef?

Snow Spleef is a gamemode that consists of 2 players. Both are given a shovel and have to destroy the ground below them, which is snow, and try to knock each other down. Player that gets to 5 wins first wins that game. Before Snow Spleef was SpleefLeague, which was a world that consisted of Spleef and Super Jump. With Multicube Beta, they took down SpleefLeague and replaced it with Snow Spleef. Super Jump has also been taken into its own gamemode.

What is Super Jump?

Super Jump is basically parkour. 2 Players will parkour each other and get to the end of the map. Very rarely there are checkpoints, you basically have one try to complete the course or you start right over. Super Jump was apart of SpleefLeague but due to Multicube Beta, Super Jump is considered their own gamemode.

What is GunSpleef?

GunSpleef is a spinoff of our popular game: Snow Spleef. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing. Everyone gets an upgradable wooden hoe that shoots snowballs. The snowballs destroy one block each and the gun can be upgraded!

What are the Syndicate Games?

The Syndicate Games is a 1v1 Survival Games, where players can battle on four unique maps. Syndicate Games gives items like swords, snowballs and items that you can craft. 

As of 18/8/13, there will be seasonal Tournaments, hosted by LightRod, BritishGaming94 and Strykrr.

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